Woodlands Guesthouse Covid-19 Safeguards and Actions



Dear Guest


This document details our CV-19 plans and actions to enable our guests to enjoy and make the most of their stay at Woodlands Guesthouse in the near future. Please take time to read this short document as it will assist you (and us) in negating the spread of Covid-19.


This information is constantly reviewed and updated. Our risk assessment has been evaluated in order to minimise the potential for transmission of Coronavirus.


If you would like to know more about any of the information detailed below or have any questions or concerns about your forthcoming stay, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Woodlands operates 3 x B&B rooms and as the house is spacious, social distancing is easily achieved but we nevertheless respectfully request that all guests respect social distancing at all times.


We encourage all guests staying at Woodlands to bring an adequate supply of 70%-alcohol hand sanitiser, wipes as well as their choice of protective barriers.



On Arrival


The drive leading to Woodlands is steep and for some can be challenging. If assistance with luggage is required from the car park to the house, please let us know before arrival (phone or email). Luggage should remain in or near the car and we will assist from there.


Each time you enter the house we request that you use the hand sanitiser located in the Entrance Porch BEFORE entering the house. Another sanitiser is located at the end of the entrance hall for your use.


If your check-in coincides with that of another guest, please observe social distancing rules.

Self Check-In

We are now operating Self Check-In procedures to minimise unnecessary contact and the risk of spreading Covid-19.


The main access key to the house will be located in a key safe located on the front door.

There are three numbered key safes – one specifically for each B&B room (e.g. Number 3, 4 and 5).

We will email the code to open your specific key safe the day before you are due to arrive.



The Bedrooms


The regular Guest Information Folder we place in the bedrooms has been replaced with a website-based version which is accessible from any personal device. The link will be emailed to you prior to your arrival.


We have always practiced a rigorous cleaning policy. These cleaning protocols have been updated and comply with Government guidelines as advised by The Professional Association of Self-Caterers UK (www.pascuk.co.uk) and now include the cleaning of all contact surfaces prior to guest arrival. Rooms will also be sprayed with anti-viral disinfectant several hours before arrival.


Our normal complimentary bathroom toiletries are single use plastic and will be placed in the bathroom as usual.


Housekeeping of rooms will be as normal but will not be started if guests are in residence.


Our hands will be washed and sanitised before leaving each room during housekeeping.


The bedrooms will be sprayed with anti-viral disinfectant during housekeeping.


To minimise the risk of cross-contamination, any guests’ personal belongings will not be touched or moved during housekeeping. Please help us by putting away and tidying personal items in your bedroom. 


Windows will be left open to enable ventilation whenever possible.



Guest Lounge and Honesty Bar


Our Guest Lounge will remain open but the Honesty Bar will not be available at this time.


However, if you require an alcoholic drink we will be selling bottles of bitter, lager and wine and these are available upon request. Ice is also available upon request.


The dining room at Woodlands is sufficiently large to enable all guests to dine at once and maintain social distancing rules. However, if the weather is sunny you may also choose to sit on our terrace outside instead.

A breakfast menu will be available in your room on arrival. Each choice has been assigned a number.

It is our standard practice to request both your breakfast orders and the time you would like breakfast the night before. This has not changed but we now request that your choices be relayed to us by text or email only. This will be easy as all we will need is the relevant numbers from the breakfast menu in your room.

You will be assigned a dining table on arrival and we ask you to only use the same table during your stay.

We will not be operating our normal Buffet table but all buffet items (cereal, fruit, juice etc) will be listed on the breakfast menu for your selection. Individual portions will be placed on your breakfast table when required.

We will keep as many windows open as is comfortable during breakfast service to maximise ventilation.



Entrance Hall


Magazines, Books, Games and Fruit will not be available at this time.


Brand new walking maps will be available on request (£2-50 each)


Fresh bottled milk and filtered drinking water will be available in the refrigerator located in the entrance hall and we ask all guests to sanitise their hands before opening the fridge door. Empty bottles should be kept in your bedroom and will be removed during housekeeping.


The landline telephone will not be available for use at this time and guests should use their own phones to make calls. If guests are unable to obtain a telephone signal, we can provide a sanitised telephone landline upon request.



Checking Out


Your final bill will be emailed on the evening prior to check out.

Any questions should be raised by 08-00 a.m. the following morning.


The payment card used to secure the booking will be automatically charged before 08-30 a.m. on the day of check-out.


Please leave room and house keys in your bedroom on the table top under the TV.


If assistance with luggage is required, please let us know the day prior to departure.

Please leave all bags for transport outside the bedroom door and we will get them down to your vehicle.